Back on Track (Read 430 times)

    Hello all, well it has been 8 days since my last run. Back failed me again and put my program on hold but good to report it looks like the tightness and pain have hit the road. I have a lower back problem that has been ongoing for 15 years, mostly a digenaration of my L5 disk. My Doctor says I should give up running and do swimming or biking, but I just can't see myself not running. It has given me such good rewards that I just can't stop at this point. I may scale back how many times a week I do run for a short period of time and do some more crosstraining to help my the back, like swimming and mountain biking. But the thought of not running again just makes me SICK Tight lipped But today was the test and did my 5k run in 29:20 and had only mild stiffness after, so that put a smile on my face. So keep my fingers crossed and keep streching and doing my crunches and hope for the best. Big grin Big grin