Manual Laps issue with Garmin fenix 5 trail running activity (Read 34 times)


    Noticed slightly odd behaviour with some of my workouts. when trying to look at manual lap distances, either no data columns show or the laps stop calculating and repeat the same total distance.


    On investigating further it seems that this is only happening on workouts which are recorded as Trail Running.

    I am guessing there is something in the gpx file which RA doesn't like, but don't know whether this is a Garmin bug or a RA bug.


    Examples on my activities from 18 June and 10 June

      Hi achillesniggle,

      I looked at those two entries but I'm not sure what to look for.  Could you describe what you're seeing and what you expect to see? If you still have the data files, could you send them to me at support@runningahead.com?  Thank you.


      eric Wink


        Sorry for not making myself clear.


        The original lap data for those activities looks correct. If I then try to select a different manual lap distance eg 1Km instead of the default 1 mile, then the lap data doesn't display consistently. On one activity, pace data is only displayed for the first few laps and on the other the columns for pace, HR etc don't display at all.


        This all works perfectly if the workout is recorded using the Running widget so I suspect the Trail Running widget is inserting something spurious into the file


        I have sent screenshots by email which hopefully show the issue better than I can explain.  I should also have said that teh workouts are imported directly from Garmin Connect.


        I have also sent examples of the original .fit files which match these workouts.

          Hi achillesniggle,

          There was a bad data packet in each of the data file that the code wasn't expecting. Because every data point depends on the prior points, the error propagated downstream from the calculation. The problem has been fixed.


          eric Smile


            Thanks Eric you are a star. I shall throw the files at Garmin Support and see what they have to say for themselves

              The most likely explanation is that GPS data is not reliable. When you run in the woods, or in cities with tall buildings the GPS signal can be weakened or lost. There will be data points with incomplete data. The data, when viewed as a whole, is a good representation of your run data. Missing data points can be extrapolated. RA didn't handle this particular case where the distance value was missing.