Unavoidable bugs (Read 1443 times)

Jazz hands!

    I thought this said unavoidable HUGS. 




    I also keep reading this as "Unavoidable Hugs" and thinking someone wants advice for an upcoming family reunion. Carry on.

    run run run AHHHHHH run run run

      Didn't your avatar used to be a pic of you hugging a tree?  If I recall, it was a BIG tree.  Depending on how you approached it (speed and orientation), I suspect that hug was unavoidable.


      Jazz hands!

        Well, it was definitely unavoidable for the tree.

        run run run AHHHHHH run run run

        That's Ms Squeak to you!

          oh I thought you were talking about running in winter, and it's unavoidable that you're gonna catch some bug some time and have to take a cranky, snotty-nosed, coughing, hacking, miserable break from running. I work in a school, and it turns into a giant petri dish in winter. *shudder* Haha. bugs! ROFL...


          Anyway just wanted to add my cheers, support and general thanks to all of the above. Yay!



          Large Runner

          Old, Slow, Happy

            I am an old man and can't figure all this new-fangled computer stuff.  I'm sure gald there are people like Eric in this world to keep me going. 


            Thanks, Eric!!!!

              Oh yeah baby.


              That's what I'm talking about.


              Real coders start from SOURCE!!!

                Thanks, Eric

                  As a whole, I am happy to know that I was not responsible for the bug despite spending over a day tracking down the problem.  It goes to show that even if you write perfect bug-free code, bugs are still inevitable.


                  My managers can not accept this simple fact. Perhaps that's why they're managers and not real people. 


                  You do an awesome job with this site Eric!