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    November and December were crappy training months-- I let my job and life interefere and in general logged crappy mileage going into my second half. I decided to target a "finish" marathon to see if the fear of 26.2 could get me back into the groove so I could have a base and actually "train" for Marine Corps. I think the plan is working. After some injury on the half (took a faceplant), I had a couple weeks of recovery and then hit this week HARD. I feel better than ever, even with the uptick in mileage (usually my easy runs are 4-5 miles, now my minimum is 6 miles), and am HYPED for my 16 miler. I'm learning the weekends during drumline are bad days for long runs (no sleep), so I'm doing it on Monday (meaning that mileage will fall into next week) and will do my "Monday" run on Sunday. Unfortunately, I have to do my next long run on friday, but it is only 12 (9 at marathon pace), so if I run gentle next week on the other runs I should be sufficiently recovered. Even now, I'm itching to get out and put in a couple miles. I'm doing 4 at lunch today, may do 1-2 tomorrow morning, and want to do 6 on Sunday (guaranteeing a 30 mile week without a long run). Just had to share somewhere-- my co-workers are sick of hearing about running. Blush

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      Way to go Chris !

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        That's great, Chris! Sometimes a race entry can be the best motivation there is. It feels really good to be back in the groove, doesn't it? BTW, I speak fluent celiac. My wife (who used to live in PA, BTW) and son have never officially tested positive for it, but have all the symptoms. We've been living the life for several years.
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