Maps won't load with IE7 but will with Firefox (Read 623 times)


    Eric- I recently switch from using Firefox as my web brouser back to IE7. For some reason, google maps won't load with IE7. Maps loads perfect with Firefox. I've played around with some of the security and privacy options, but can't seem to figure this one out. Can you help? I switched from IE a year or so ago because of all the popups. I switch back because I frequently get error messages with Firefox that cause it to shutdown and loose everything. When I switched back to IE, I upgraded it to version 7.
      I'm using IE7 on 2 computers and having no issues with google maps or anything else. I had to delete all browser history info because some websites wouldn't load right but once I did everything works peachy.

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        Al S I just had a quick check ... I'm on IE7 and I can see your maps fine. Maybe a security setting? Good luck, Neil G UK

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          I dumped everything assoicated with browser history and now my maps work. Thanks! Big grin