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    We have a competition among friends in our neighborhood for logging the most miles. There are bonus points for various things, but for the most part, the scoring system is 1 mile equals one point. Some members like to do other things (swim, bike, play soccer). Since it is a RUNNING competition, we will have points favor running, but would still like to recognize other activities in the scoring system to some extent. Does anyone have an idea of what would be considered a reasonable conversion factor between swimming and running?
      Hmmm... well, to make it simple: You are awarding one point for one mile. If it takes you 9:00 minutes to run a mile, why not do something like: 1 point for every 15 minutes swimming? (because you said the points are favoring running ...). I would think a time conversion is easier than a distance converstion, because some people swim in metered pools, some in yard pools, some in longcourse, some in short course, etc. Good luck and sounds like a cool competition! Yes
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        Aerobic Points System I read about this once... maybe you can use it to make some conversions.
          There is an article posted in the pool locker room at my gym. It says something about the conversion of land walking to pool walking & I'm assuming that running wouldn't be too much different? For every one hour of pool walking it equals two hours of land walking. I did alot of pool resistance running to recover from various injuries & I can tell you that I was winded & more exhausted than I was from my land runs!! Shocked
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            A triathlon forum I frequent has a conversion, but it's far from scientific... it's just easy to use. 1 point = 1 mile run = 1/3 mile swim = 3 mile bike That would make ~600 yds swimming equal to 1 mile of running.
              Depends on how hard you swim. I would say doing 200 yards as fast as you can is about as tiring as running a mile at a decent pace (7-8 m/m). 500 yards = 5k, 1000 yards = 10k but it really depends on how hard you swim it. The aerobic point system might be a cool feature for eric to integrate into this site.