Did I just miss 6 weeks for nothing???? (Read 558 times)

    A little background- I was training for the Miami Half Marathon on January 28th. I was following a HM plan from coolrunning.com pretty closely except suplementing cross training on the bike for 1-2 of the short easy runs per week. Right after Thanksgiving I was out for my 8 mile long run and about 5.5 miles in, I got this pain on the underside of my right foot. It wasn't too bad so I kept running to home where I iced it. The next morning I couldn't put weight on the foot without being in sharp pain around the lateral arch area. After a few days of it not getting better I went to a podiatrist who specializes in sports injury. He suspected a stress fracture in the 5th metatarsal. Nothing showed up the the inital xray but he put my foot in a boot and had me go on crutches. The pain switched from being sharp in that area to being a constant (even when not weight-bearing) dull pain in the area just below the baby toe. Two weeks later an xray did show a fracture in that bone, so we stuck with the crutches and boot for another 2 weeks. Since the dull pain is still around a lot and it's now been 5 weeks (bones take 6-8 weeks to heal) the doc sent me for an MRI. He called today with the results...... NOTHING. The MRI doesn't show anything wrong, not even a stress fracture! The doctor can't figure out what is wrong. He says maybe the foot isn't mobilized enough so at the next appt. he is giong to put it in a real cast below the knee. I asked if maybe the boot was bothering my foot since the pain has gone from being sharp in one spot to dull in another over the past few weeks. He said it was possible but not likely, but if I wanted to try taking it off and going for a short walk with sneakers to see if I was in pain I could. So this afternoon I went for a 1/2 mile walk and felt the same- then I kicked it up and did a 1/2 mile jog (bad, I know, please don't yell at me) and still the dull pain is there, but nothing worse. I'm going to ice it now and see how it feels tomorrow morning, but maybe it is healed and the dull pain is from the boot?? I'm reaching at hope here, since I really don't want to have a cast now that I've already gone throught this for almost 6 weeks. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? I'm assuming that I did have a stress fracture since it appeared to look like one with the 2nd x-ray, but maybe it healed already and the boot was causing my foot the dull pain somehow? Or does anyone have another idea of what it might be?? I'm so mad that I have missed the past few weeks of doing ANYTHING (and definitely my upcoming HM) if it was healed a few weeks ago....
      You must be so frustrated right now! I have no idea what's up. But I do know you made the best choice you could have, given the information you did have. Whatever it is, get well soon!

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        Ugh, that would make me insane(r)! Not knowing what's wrong or even if there was anything wrong in the past couple of weeks stinks. Can you get a second opinion? Could the pain just be your foot not being accustomed to activity? k

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          Could the pain just be your foot not being accustomed to activity?
          That's what I'm thinking. The pain is still there today, it's in the base of the baby toe area, and I'm wondering if it could be from not being able to curl my toes for so long or something like that. I'm definitely going to get a second opinion before I let them "try out" putting me in a cast. I think I'll just try walking in my sneakers this weekend, maybe doing the elliptical tonight for a bit and getting in the pool tomorrow. I don't really want to run on it until the pain is gone, but maybe lower impact stuff will get the foot used to moving around again. Thanks for the support ladies!