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    I have a marathon coming up on 10/20 and I've been sort-of following Hal Higdon's plans for the weekends this month, which prescribed a MP run on Sat and a long run on Sunday. For this weekend, it's 10 miles MP and then 20 mi long. I'm wondering what can be a similar or effective substitute for this? Weekend forecast is thunderstorm and flash flood (I am willing to brave the rain but not lightning and flood), at best there's a chance that I can run on Sunday if it's rain only, but the chance is slim. I have no TM. Due to schedules I won't be able to run more than 10mi (a night) on the coming weeknights (I can only do 2hr+ long runs on weekends), and since I'm also coming within the 3 weeks of tapering window, I don't know if I should push this MP+LSD training to the next weekend.


    From recent discussions on RA I understand that I don't have to run the 20 miler, so I'm wondering if I should just do a couple of back-to-back 10 mile MP runs next week? Or should I just let it go and stick with normal easy running? Or is nothing going to really matter too much since I'm only 3 weeks to race day?


    Here's my haphazard training plan.



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      (With the usual disclaimer that I'm no coach, just another runner) If it were me, I'd run what I could, when I could, over the weekend. As it seems that you don't know what usable window(s) you'll have..

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.