Running/sprinting after hip resurfacing? (Read 1099 times)


    After a lifetime of running, including 6 marathons and 2 Mt. Washingtons, I have been told I will never run again by 3 orthopedists, due to my degenerative hip arthritis (it is bone on bone).  


    More important to me as a runner is sprinting.  Although at 52, I am a mediocre distance runner, I have been a nationally ranked masters sprinter in the past (100 meters, 200 meters). 


    Anyway, hip resurfacing appears to allow for more active pursuits than hip replacement, but of course, doctors are conservative.  Does anyone have expierience running after hip resurfacing?  I know adults aren't supposed to sprint (let alone adults who have had hip surgery) so I imagine I will be alone there, but I am curious about anyone's experience running after this.



    Tin Hip

      Hi Arrojo


      I also have had hip resurfacing after an active running lifestyle including marathons (PB 2h 39m) and ultra-distance trail running (Western States 100 etc). I'm 55.


      There is conflicting advice around running after this operation and for the first 5 years I took the conservative approach - no running just walking.


      Recently I have been reading of others who have been running after resurfacing and I have thrown caution to the wind. I am back running and experimenting with what feels OK and how I can both run and take care of my hip.
      My Running Blog will give you an idea of my milage. Mainly trails and hills.


      My specialist did say, after cautioning against many activities, "We have given you a new hip so go out and USE it."


      Personally I wouldn't sprint on my hip but we are all different and you'd need to trial what your joint is capable of. As a long distance trail runner I have developed coping techniques and a running style that suits this kind of running. You have your own sprinting knowledge to draw on and you are an expert on yourself.


      Good luck with whatever you find you are now capable of and don't see the hip resurfacing as a limitation, more as an opportunity.



      Alice P

        Hey Arrojo.

        This is an old thread but if anyone is reading this and has the same problem you should read Running with a hip replacement. I have had to change how I run but I am running again after a Total Hip Replacement. I agree with Tin Hip, how you run makes such a difference to whether or not you wear out your prosthetic.


          Update: I had successful hip resurfacing surgery with the world renowned Dr. Su in NYC on 4/9/12. My hip is awesome now. I have no limitations whatsoever. I started running at 6 months. I've done 5k's and 10'k s including a 10k mountain race (3.1 miles up, 3.1 down). I hope to run Boston next year.


          And two weeks ago I won the silver medal at the CT Masters games in the 50 meter dash in a time of 7.51 (85.8 WAVA).


          Hip resurfacing is a wonderful alternative if you have hip arthritis but want to keep running. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Many orthopedists and press will tell you about lawsuits, recalls, metal ions, botched surgeries without distinguishing among the type off device, experience of the surgeon, all kinds of factors. If you have hip arthritis but love to run, find an experienced surgeon and do your own research. People have done marathons, triathlons and now masters sprinting thanks to hip resurfacing.