Son scored Extremely High in Math (Any tips to cultivate this) (Read 845 times)

    If he has any interest in music, encourage him to pursue it. There's a huge overlap between math and music. I speak from practical experience -- I did a concentration in music composition while getting degrees in computer science and electrical engineering at MIT. Most people wouldn't think of MIT as a place for music, but the program was excellent, because there's an awful lot of musical talent in some of those math geeks.
    HERE HERE!! 6yr old DS has huge interest in math and music and I hope to foster it enough that come collage time he follows your example or something like it.

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      How old is your son now? What does HE want to learn? Perhaps work with him and his teacher to create projects that he helps to design that play to his interests, with the stipulation that he can work on them after he completes the required work. Someone mentioned sports...maybe start basic statistics study? I agree wholeheartedly with the recommendations to explore music, and even perhaps a foreign language. If he likes to decode and deconstruct, he might enjoy the challenge of another language. He might enjoy puzzles like Sudoku. There are even editions of it for younger kids that use pictures and stickers instead of the traditional 1-9 patterns. Highlights magazine also offers a line of puzzle activities for kids. The problem solving skills that these kinds of activities develop are so very important for all areas of study. Another thought--work with your son's teacher and school to find--and create, if necessary--an environment that challenges and engages him. Kids like you describe are the kind I love to have in my classes (though I teach public HS). Bring me the ones who need a challenge, and we'll find some way to tap that. However, I also need the cooperation and support of parents to make that happen. I know education and subject matter very well; you know your child better than anyone. Together, we can be fierce. One observation: distance runners are often some of my strongest students. Somehow anyone who thinks that going out for "an easy 10" is fun doesn't bat an eye at learning what I put in front of them, especially when we start talking about improving grades in terms of "PR's". Wink But seriously, encourage physical activity to help boost brain power too.
        My wife has here undergrad in Music (Piano emphasis). She has a piano studio (has about 30 students)...might encourage her to start teaching him and see if he takes to it. Sports - he LOVES...all sports, and has shown some interest and talent in distance running. Puzzles - he LOVES...just normal jigsaw puzzles - he works 250 pc by himself in a night...he helps us with the 500 piece. He works them completely different than me and his mother though. We work the outside first and then the inside...he begins on the top left corner and works it diagonally down to the other corner (never seen anyone do that)
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