Injury-when to come back (Read 470 times)

My legs are killing me

    I ran a 10k on New Years day and strained a groin muscle. I let it rest for a couple of days and it felt better so last Saturday I ran 8 miles. After the run my groin got tight again and since then I have been resting it and icing it. It still feels a little tight at times and I m hoping to get a run in Saturday and get back to my routine (this is driving me crazy). How do you know when it's ok to start training again?

      Hi Sully, instead of going out and running 8 miles why wouldn't you ease back into your running say 2 or 3 miles to start, see how it feels...if it starts to hurt at 1 mile then that was enough for that day...you have your whole life to run, a few weeks of taking it easy won't hurt Smile
      Run like you stole it!