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    Fell while running last week and broke my wrist.  Had surgery last Friday, Dr. put in a plate.  I am not in a cast, just a brace.  Of course I am registered for 3 half marathons this Fall.  Dr. said I can run, but now I am so afraid of falling again.  Anyone else experience this?





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      I broke my wrist when I fell in a race about ten years ago.  The race had a right angle turn about 50 meters from the start and there was sand on the corner and down I went.  I didn't need surgery but I wore a brace for a month or two.  I never worried about falling again when I ran afterwards. The biggest problem I had was after a couple races they had water bottles with screw tops that I could not remove.  The brace never seemed to affect my running stride.  I also had a shoulder surgery that required an arm immobilizer.  That did have a big effect on my stride and I would say you should be real careful if the injury causes you to change your normal running stride.  Take care of yourself and heal soon.

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        Busted my wrist in 2 places while mountain biking nearly 2 years ago...and haven't really done any trail riding ever since.  In part because my wrist and hand are still not 100% strong and my ROM still sucks (on my dominant/writing hand, too), but also because I can't embrace the thought of losing months in a cast and brace, again.  There's never a period when that sort of injury wouldn't totally derail my training all over again.  Kinda kills me, since all of my friends mountain-bike and a big part of me wants to ride in the woods, again.  For now I'm happy to run trails.  I badly sprained my ankle doing that years ago and it took a good 2 years for it to be fully healed, but I've been able to finally forget how much that injury sucked.

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          No advice, I just wanted to say that I hope you heal quickly.

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            I had reconstructive surgery on my hand.  I had pins sticking out and was running normally two days after the surgery.  It never effected my running and I never fell down.

              Had a plate/screws put in about a year ago after a bad wrist break. Dr. was not concerned about running at all, but it took me a couple of weeks to get out. The jarring was a bit painful at first, but it didn't last too long. The worst part was sweating with the brace on, which was only an annoyance.


              My PT whined for a few months because she insisted I was going to fall and re-injure it, but I only took a few weeks off post surgery in total.