Garmin is dead, hail the the new Garmin (Read 171 times)


    Well my old 405 Forerunner apparently bit the dust once and for all last night. I guess I can't complain too much about squeezing 5 years out of a watch that for many runners has been the lemon of the Garmin line.


    Actually it was "firmware" update that Garmin asked me to do that killed it. I went through the process at Garmin Connect and then the watch went dead. I assumed the battery must have died so I plugged it in but it wouldn't take a charge.


    Luckily I had purchased a 910XT two months ago, using Roadrunner VIP discounts and gift certificates to get it at about half price. But then I was too busy to bother with setting it up and I figured I would just stick to the 405 and play with the new toy after running Boston. Of course, that all changed last night.


    In any case, I have to say the difference between the 910 and 405 is like night and day. Geolocation was so simple, it even located inside my house before I headed out the door. I did a 12 mile run with the middle 10 at marathon pace, which I suppose I could have tried setting up as a programmed workout but I kept it simple and just ran. Still the results (of both the run and watch performance) were outstanding.


    I got the 910 to have some multisport options later in the summer. So the real test I guess will be when I take it in the water or on the bike. But I would say it had a smashing debut on the run tonight.


    As for the 405, I may still send it back to Garmin and see if they will replace it; they already did this once. If so, I could then keep it as a backup or maybe donate it to a youth running club or something. Worth a shot.


    Anyway, if you are looking to upgrade, take a look at the 910XT.


      I had a 310xt, but sold it to get the 910xt.  I waited about a year to get it, so all the quirks would be worked out especially the speed and elevation fluctuations.  Swimming laps is very accurate.

      Swim , Bike, and Run A LOT