Can i somehow set the defaults of the workout graphs (Read 600 times)

    Hi, When i look at my workouts, especially the graphs, then i see a graph pace vs distance. As not being a runner, i like a graph speed vs distance. Offcourse i can change the graph. But when i look at another workout, i also have to do this. I 've looked, but couldn't find it, can i set the defaults of those graphs. Thanks Dirk
      Hi Dirk, I'll add this to my to do list.

        Another vote for this one. I find myself setting the same graph options every time I open one, so remembering some default settings would be great.


          +1 here too, I always have to add the HR plot. Be nice if that would "stick".


          For that matter, is there a way to see my average HR over a number of runs? I was hoping I could get there via Summary, but no such luck (I'm still new to the site, so perhaps I'm just missing the obvious Smile