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    I'm a small-school band director, and it's about time to start working up a T-shirt design for our halftime show theme for next year.


    I'd like something along the lines of the shirts this company designs and sells, the problem is, our school has a student-run print shop (which is good) that we are locked into using for all school group apparel (which is not).  So, we can't use the company linked above, or any like it.  Ours is a serviceable print shop, but in terms of graphic design, they just aren't going to be able to come up with anything close to what I'm looking for, and we are not locked into using them for design production.


    I've got a friend that designs graphics for one of the mobile gaming companies out in San Francisco that we've used in the past, but she is focusing more and more on sort of icon-based design lately, and besides, she's getting a little pricey for what we can afford (though not unreasonable for her qualifications).


    Anyone with some degree of graphic design training/skills interested in producing a T-shirt design for us?  The end result would need to be a vector file, so you'd need a program that can produce that.  I'd need to see some examples of past work, or a good representation of what you could do for us.  Shoot me a personal message, and we can discuss details of the show theme, number of colors, pricing and such.


    ...and yes, it's a little weird to just throw out a call like this on a running chat forum, and I apologize if this kind of solicitation also isn't allowed (won't complain if the post needs to be deleted).  But we're generally not going to be able to afford a pro who does this for their livelihood, and I hate to ask friends that I know personally because it makes it less uncomfortable if I have to nix their ideas (MTA: another reason I no longer use my SF friend).

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      I've always been amazed at what high schoolers produce on their own: I used to volunteer for a HS in MA, teaching the kids how to make websites.  The idea was to give them a more entrepreneurial vector for pocket cash than flipping burgers.  While most were hanging on for the ride, a small group of kids asked me if they could use Dreamweaver (this is 1998) and Photoshop to work some ideas together for a client.  I gave them wide latitude.


      They spent the entire weekend making a pretty great site.  One of them was a soon to be Art major and used this as an opportunity to show off.  The site was certainly more "High School AWESOME(tm)" than professional.  But it darn impressive.  The art major used the experience to land a graphic design internship (which he hated because they had him draw match-book covers for 2 weeks).  They ended up making 4 or 5 websites for the local community at about 1/10th the cost to the owners and 4 times what they would have made at McD's.


      Unfortunately, they had some "artistic differences" when the group's version of Yoko Ono joined.


      So, my advice is to make a contest for the Art class and widen your expectations.  You never know what those kids will do.

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        Not sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for, but maybe.


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          The shirts you reference appear to be "Simulated Process Screenprint" most likely, 5+ hits of ink - so it's not gonna be your cheapest option and definitely needs to be precisely printed. I don't think you'll be able to achieve that look without an expert screen printer handling it, even if you have a great design.


          PM if you have any specific questions, I'm not a screen printing expert, but I've produced plenty of t shirt designs (more simple than those referenced) and even printed some myself.