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    I am novice runner and need to be able to run 10 miles in Aug. I start my training on March 1st; but I dont know where to start with my training. Does anyone have any suggestions on a training program. I can push myself to run 2 miles; I am also looking to lose 10-15 lbs during this process I currently wieugh 185 and 6 2". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards Steve
      My favorite is www.runnersworld.com's "Smart Coach." You can tell them if you want to train easy, when you want your long run to be, if you're new, etc. That website also has a Nutrition section about weight loss plans that won't interfere with running.
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        For my 10-miler last fall, I used Hal Higdon's 10 mile plan. It worked well for me. It's at www.halhigdon.com. Teresa
          Hey Steve --- I'm running the Annapolis 10 in August -- great race, hilly, but usually an awesome finisher's premium Cool
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            You might want to check this out... http://www.crim.org/training.php Good luck - you can do it!