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    I ran my first 5k race today. Finished second from last, but it was great! It was a small one, held by our company (there were only twelve of us) and most of the times were between 21:00 and 25:00, but I was deeply satisfied with my 34:25 time...an 11:07 pace. So what if I was next to last...it was a hoot! Steve
      yippie! congrats on your achievement!

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        Great job. When's your next one? Wink

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          Awesome! Gotta start somewhere. Now you have a personal best (4 seconds faster than my first 5K Clowning around ) to break if you race again. Big grin

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            Thanks everyone...just gotta say, I love these forums. Everyone's so encouraging! theyapper66 asked, "When's your next one?" The company I work for sponsers one a month. I'll probably just stick with these until I'm running longer distances and able to do a 10K (which will probably be in the Dallas area somewhere) and possibly, someday, a half marathon (that's my long term goal right now). Steve

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              Congratulations on your first 5K race finish! The participating and finish is what's important, race times are all relative to you now. Good luck in your continued running and racing.

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                Great job on your first! Now you've got to experience the excitement that a whole bunch of runners can generate. You are going to LOVE the atmosphere of a big start, there's nothing like the sound of hundreds of feet pounding pavement in the morning. It's like hoot squared.

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