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    Hello fellow runners!


    I was wondering if you use any applications which make your runs more exciting. I think such discussion may be interesting for those who start their training or lack some motivation in keeping them regular


    I also have another reason for starting this discussion and I just hope mods won't get mad because of that Recently with two of my friends we've been working on an app which allows you to change you training into an adventure It took us about 4 months to create and I just would like to know what do you think about this idea. Here is the link to the trail version of our app:






    some call me Tim

      I don't really need anything additional to keep me running, BUT I am also a sucker for a post-apocalyptic theme. I'll tell you this: I want to deal with my phone as little as possible *while* running, but if the focus was on how the run stats affected the game sort of after the fact, I'd probably be into it and I don't mind logging runs in multiple services. Also, I have an iphone and don't speak Polish. Smile

        I love the app "Zombies Run!". It makes a run interesting and is a good motivator during your run. The story lines are great, and outrunning a horde of zombies does wonders for confidence in your ability to survive a zombie apocalypse. Cool

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          I use Rock My Run.  I like to run to music when I'm running alone (otherwise I just talk with my running buddy, aka my hubby), but I'm easily bored, so being able to download a new mix to run to is very nice for me.  It saves me from having to spend a ton of time looking through my music to pick out the high tempo songs that are good for a run.  Other than that I don't use any apps.  Zombie Run sounds like fun, but I don't know that I would want anything other than music.