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Ball of Fury

    Hi everyone!  I really wasn't sure where to post this, since it doesn't seem like the marathon group here gets much action so I am posting it in general running as well as the racing forum.  I would love any and all advice for my upcoming marathon.


    Shorter distance race:  10K 48:42 on Thanksgiving Day

                                              1/2 1:51:15 November 11


    Average mpw:  We only started the program with a base of around 30-35, and progressed up to 55 mpw.   Have been at 50 for the last 6-7 weeks.  We would have like to do a higher mileage plan but honestly, at this stage in our lives, I really don't know if it is possible for both DH and I to get much over 55 mpw.  Between my work schedule (about 60 hours most weeks) and our 2 small kiddos, we are doing the best we can right now.

    Training plan:  Hal Higdon Int 2 with a few added miles (would do 5-6 miles instead of 3-4 when he called for it).  I have tried to get in a midweek long run every week but didn't get much over 10-11 miles during the week.

    Race:  Disney...a bit crowded but we are in Corral B so shouldn't be bad.  Very flat.

    How long have you been running:  Just about a year.  The Disney Marathon Relay in January 2012 was the first race we ever trained for.

    How many marathons have you run:  This is my first

    Age/sex:  35, female

    Pace of long runs:  Typically 9:45/mile, but probably a bit too fast at times.  I ran my 20 miler a couple weeks ago with 9:45 the first 10 miles and then 9:25-9:30 the last 10.

    Goal:  I would like to say I just want to finish, but let's be honest...I would be lying!  If I am being truthful, my goal is between 3:55-4.  I think I have the speed for that, but am not sure I have the endurance just yet.


    So that's it!  Any and all advice would be great appreciated!

    PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15


    Letting off steam

      Your limited mileage and running history suggest that sub-4 would be very aggressive for a first marathon -- you don't have enough miles on your legs yet.

      Also, your 10k time is considerably "better" than your half, confirming you may not have the endurance yet.  An attempt at sub-4 could lead to a very slow and painful last 10k.  I think 4:10 may be a more appropriate goal for your first marathon.


      Make this one a good experience by holding back and finishing well.  Just with more cumulative miles, and getting to 55 mpw again, you should get faster in your next marathon.