swim pace displays per 100km! (Read 287 times)

hairshirt knitter

    I have my default units set to kilometers, and my swim activity units are set to 'default'. When I input a swim, the pace created is correct, but a little off the wall. For example, tonight I put in  a 1.8km open water swim in a time of 0:35:53 which resulted in 33:13:32 / 100km as my pace.


    When I go back into the workout and view the summary it shows it as 2:00 / 100m, which, whilst not accurate, is a more useful metric. The stats widget displays the rolling swim totals in km/h, which again is ok, but not necessarily the most normal way of reporting swim pace


    Can I change these? I can't see this in the options anywhere... thanks.

      If you change the default distance unit for swim to meters, then it should display it in meters.  To do that, go to Options -> Manage My Activities -> Swim.

      hairshirt knitter

        That fixed 'er - thanks eric Smile


        To get it to display properly, I had to re-enter 1.8 km as 1800m and 35:53 as 0:35:53, but got there and the pathetic 2:00/100m shows in all its glory now.