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    For something completely different, have you tried salt tablets? I find that on a long run, if I get too low on salt I may get a side stitch...

      Slowing down is definitely help. It might be that I run too fast. I usually get stitch at the end of the run on the hill.


      Salt tablet is interesting. I am thinking it may be dehydration as well. After my 7 miles run without water along the way, I might be dehydrated.

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        Thank you all for the great tips and experiences sharing.


        I remember someone said taking care of exhale, inhale will take care of itself since the body needs the oxygen. When I use pursed lip exhale and try to exhale all air, my breathing pattern can not be consistent. Sometimes I have to adjust it.


        juniordo1, how do you deal with the race breathing if the method you use only work well during training?

         As luck would have it, I haven't had to deal with the side stitches during a race.

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          this could also happen when you dont warm up before a run. I usually warm up for 10 mins. before any run. which includes loosening up the abs. Secondly  its important to ensure the abs are in good shape. So in addition to running i do extensive ab workouts. So i rarely get side stitches