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    Wow, I can't even believe this is me, but... On saturday I ran my first ever 20miler! The furthest I had gone before is right around 16mi (a couple weeks ago). Anybody who says marathons are easy is just plain out of their minds, this is a really long distance to travel on foot. I'm glad I did it and managed to keep my body and brain functioning (mostly) the rest of the day, so i'll call it a success. In true Steve Jobs style "One more thing" Then on Sunday, the wife and I did another Century Ride(100miles). Luckily we rode with a group so I got to sit on the wheels of some way more accomplished cyclists. Here's the really crazy part...When we ride with this group, anytime there is a Yellow sign on the road, we do a sprint. I just couldn't resist, so I did a few and man I can tell you that, as I write, my legs are organizing their union and preparing to go on strike. It's OK though...I'm the president (of my body) and will quash any strike. But I did want to give a huge "round of applause" to all those who were out there riding the century on their "hybrid" bikes, man that's gotta be tough for that distance...

    You'll ruin your knees!

      Holy smokes! That is a big weekend! Way to go... Lynn B

      ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

      Princess Cancer Pants

        If I were your legs I think I'd detach and go find someone less abusive to be attached to. Wink That's really some impressive work! I hope you're taking it easy today. Smile k

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          Wow! Congrats. I can only imagine running 20 miles. It's a goal for that ever elusive "someday." And not to mention biking 100 miles the next day! Are you crazy? Smile Congrats again.
            Oh my gosh. Shocked My knees are buckling at the thought of running 20 miles then doing a century. Wow, that's amazing. Good for you. You could do like a super duathlon and kick some butt.
              That's very awesome! And I agree with Kirsten, if I were your legs, I would be looking to relocate!


                Wow -- that IS quite a weekend!! Give those legs some well deserved rest this week! Wink
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