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    I'm probably the wrong person to chime in here (I don't really know what the difference is between reps and intervals), but I'd ask yourself how comfortable you are with running hard for roughly 3 hours. If you are more or less comfortable with that, then I wouldn't worry so much about the long run, and do the other shorter quality workouts to make "hard" a little faster over the three hours. If you're struggling with the idea of maintaining a solid pace for 3 hours, focus more on the long run. Keep those long run miles higher, and don't just run it all easy. And in that scenario I wouldn't think you'd need two additional quality days in a week. One quality day (I'd probably opt for the HM to 10k stuff) plus a hard long run seems like a good idea.


    I'm using Daniels-speak. Intervals are ~3k to 5k effort with same time recovery, Reps are mile effort with same distance but open-ended time recovery.


    Thanks for the input!

    5k: 18:25 10/19 (solo track TT) │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:24:16 11/19 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18


    Upcoming Races (?):

    9/5 - Tunnel to Towers 5K

    9/27 - Run Elk City 5k

    10/4 - Wurst Race Half

    10/18 - Hot Chocolate 15k (Pacing)

    11/21 - White River Marathon



    not bad for mile 25


      Yeah, you're all welcome! 

      I'm Neil, and I'm 70.  

      And the Future: Touch wood -- I'm BACK! Running was almost taken away, now it's a brand new gift! In 2020, I hope to build up enough mileage to run a BQ marathon this year -- and kick some ass in my new age-group! Doubt if I'm going much below 4 hours now, but 4:00 would be a 20 minute qualifier.


      Great to meet you, and glad you got that a-fib conquered!  We could probably run side-by-side, if we were in the same race.

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        Hi all! New here, 32 years old originally from Reno, NV and now in Colorado Springs, CO for about 5 months. I started running in 2016 and getting ready for my second marathon in April.


        02/02 Super half Marathon Colorado Springs - Goal: 1:59:59

        03/15 Leprechaun Race Reno 5k – Goal: 20:59

        04/04 Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon – Goal: 3:59:59

        05/09 Greenland Trail Race 50k – Goal: 7:59:59


          Toledo 2020 week 7

          M      12/30     01 18 22    9.79  w/ 6x 100m sprint
          T       12/31     01 19 14    10.0 tm w/ 3wu + 4x1@(6:30/:20/:10/:00) + 2x400m@11mph +cd, 0.5%
                                                                        rec: <120s @3mph
          W      01/01     01 09 47    8.33 
          Th     01/02     01 17 25    9.34                    +22min bike-trainer pm
          F       01/03     01 03 12    7.52  
          S       01/04     02 16 46    17.33 tm w/ 11.4easy +3.93@6:27 + 2cd, 0.5%
          S       01/05     01 09 12    8.24 


          This is week 7, as that's the number of weeks I've been back running consistently since my European sojourn. Weeks 1-6 were all just base building and amounted to 42/53/55/46/42/65 miles. Last week went pretty good. The LT session felt good as an opening gambit, though 6:00 MP pace is gonna take a bit of work for the autumn. ~4@6:27 during LR felt pretty good all things considered, though HR was getting on the high side illustrating my rubbish conditioning right now. Zero quality stuff for me this coming week as my left quad is very tight and I'm taking a safety first approach. I hope to stay in the 70-80 mile range, but all in singles. I am going to use a trainer to try get in some extra cardio, with the aim to work towards ~90mins extra by peak of the cycle. Hopefully this'll help keep the injury bug away.


          Weather: Congrats on the great race and hanging in there in tough conditions on your own, the new PR and thanks for the report. Rest up and that sub2:40 is yours next cycle, though I'm sure missing out by so little stings a little. Oh, and avoid CIM or you'll have that dreaded asterisk following you around.


          JT:  Good to hear you've gotten the brunt of that injury behind you. There's a 2:40 train boarding later this year, you should try jump on.


          Marky: Great news that you are giving the full another crack. Between yourself/nimmals/weather/jack/swim, there's gonna be lots of fast running this year... and motivation for some of the rest of us!


          Otherwise, great to see all the faces new and old.

          5k: 17:32 (11/18) -- 10k: 38:47 (07/17) -- 10m: 60:23 (08/17)  -- 1/2: 1:22:32 (11/17) -- full: 2:49:26 (04/17)

          2020 Goals: Assault on 2:40!         Next up: Toledo (Apr 26)


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            Now that I'm back running, I'll officially join this thread.


            Jack, age 33, live in NYC. Ran in high school with worse times than I have now, even at the 5K, so I wasn't very good. Tried training for one half marathon in 2013, which I ran a 1:43 in and proceeded to nearly pass out at the end of the race. I needed a volunteer to get me to a place to sit down.


            After that terrible race, I took another year off but got back into things more seriously in 2014 when I decided I wanted to train for a marathon. This required me to run a bunch of smaller races as part of NYCM's 9+1 program, which guarantees entry into the race if you run 9 NYRR races the prior year.


            I ran my first marathon in 3:12 in 2015. I told myself I would only run one of them because the training seemed so awful, but at the bar that night celebrating the race, I decided I was going to do another 9+1 qualification. After that, I was hooked to running in general.


            Here is my mileage history.


            2015(est.): 1500

            2016: 1281

            2017: 1975

            2018: 2123

            2019: 2635


            I've been setting new PRs each year (the beauty of slowly increasing your mileage I guess). My 2018 was great, but 2019 even surpassed that, as I set a PR in every distance I ran.


            I'm not really sure what my goal is for 2020. I haven't felt especially motivated, even after taking almost 3 weeks off, so I'm worried that drive I had last year is gone given the huge progress I made last year. I definitely want to get the half marathon time down, and I'd like to take another crack at the 5K time, but the marathon time may be tough to surpass at Boston. Either way, Brew, you might as well put my PR as my goal at Boston, can't see why I wouldn't aim for that. Highly doubtful I will run a fall marathon this year.

            5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:15:28 (3/20)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


            Next Race: Whatever COVID-19 will allow me to run 


              looking for some advice here, i did a lower body workout at my gym yesterday, reverse lunges and lateral lunges, lateral leg lifts, sled pulls, jump squats...so other random stuff and ended up with some knee pain, just above my knee when i bend. seems like it could be the tendon from my quad to my knee? i have been icing and took the morning off. my mileage has jumped a ton because December ended up being wonky with a minor surgery and travel, all fall i had consistently been running in the 30-40 mile range per week, but December was way low, January kicked off my training and i kind of jumped right back in...i've felt fine until yesterday, maybe to much to soon?? it feels better today but this morning i took an Aleve so it could just be that


                Christirei When doing lunges, make sure to keep your knee bent at a 90 deg angle - your knee should be directly above your ankle. If you break that plane and let your knee gravitate toward your toes, this can sometimes lead to pain around your knee. If you continue to do lunges, ensure you maintain that 90 deg angle. There could be other issues at play, but from my experience this is usually the culprit.

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                  i am definitely going to be more aware in the future, thank you! its a good reminder and sometimes when i'm focusing on other things i forget that simple rule.


                  i have continued to ice this morning and it is already feeling much better, hoping it was just a little bit of overuse yesterday and not a big deal


                    Kram - thanks, good to be back on here!  Fingers crossed that quad is nothing too serious - good to see there is a good crowd on here gunning for 2:40 this year, it will be great motivation.

                    5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:34 (Mar-20) | 10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) 

                    HM: 1:10:46 (Nov-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

                    Last race: NZ 10,000m Champs, 21 March, 32:34 (PB) 

                    Up next: Mt. Maunganui Half Marathon, 29 Aug; Rotorua Marathon, 26 Sept

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                      I'll hop in, although I haven't had a lot of time for posting lately.


                      I'm 42 and I rebooted my running career back in 2012. I ran XC and track in high school and recorded PRs of 16:53 for XC 5k and 2:07 for the 800 on the track - on classic 90s training of "run 25 mpw as hard as you can."


                      Stopped running in college and instead played a LOT of basketball for approximately 17 years. I started getting injured too much and finding the time was hard with young kids, so I switched back to the more predictable sport of running.


                      I've done 4 marathons now, 3:59, 3:38, 3:22, and 3:12, in that order. One every other year since 2012. I'm due to run one again in 2020, and I'm hoping to go sub-3 and qualify for Boston.

                      5:27 / 19:03 / 40:32 / 88:12 / 3:12

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                        sc Damn...I thought you and I were closer in age. I thought you were putting off qualifying until you hit the next age bracket. You think you'll do one of those downhill races again?


                        easy runs are nice. Easy runs in the cold and wind when you're underdressed aren't.

                        2020 Goal: Figure out the problem.

                        Speed Surplus

                          sc Damn...I thought you and I were closer in age. I thought you were putting off qualifying until you hit the next age bracket. You think you'll do one of those downhill races again?


                          easy runs are nice. Easy runs in the cold and wind when you're underdressed aren't.


                          It's snowing here today 


                          Yeah, I'm going to try to get into the tunnel race again. It really plays to my strengths. My plan right now is this:


                          January: 40mpw

                          Feb-March: 50mpw

                          April-May: 60 mpw

                          June: taper

                          June 14th: Sub-3 or at least a functional BQ.


                          I only averaged about 45mpw leading up to the 3:12, so I think if I can get low 50s this time, plus the Next% shoes, plus losing a few pounds... it should do wonders for my time Big grin (I was wearing Pegasus in the 3:12 run)

                          5:27 / 19:03 / 40:32 / 88:12 / 3:12


                            Brew: thanks for getting this going!


                            I've been on vacation and don't typically get on the computer when I don't have to. Plus, I'm working through an injury and when I'm running less, I visit RA less. So, I've got a lot of catching up to do.


                            Anyway, I'm Aaron (typically go by Ace). I'm 34 and live in East TN. Have 3 kids under 6 years old and a wonderful wife. She's not a runner, but I'm still working on that. I've been running since middle school with some time off in early college. Recently got into the marathon in the last few years and have progressed from 3:40 to 2:57. Next goal race is Boston 2020. Was planning on 2:53 goal time, but have a calf injury currently. This is improving and should be back to every day running in a couple weeks, hopefully. I enjoy trail races, but don't do as many as I'd like. I hate 5Ks, but do them anyway.


                            Goal races for this year

                            Chattanooga 13.1 - 3/8 - Goal was 1:21, but with recent injury, hopefully can still get under 1:25

                            Boston 26.2 - 4/20 - Goal was 2:53, but with injury new goal may just be a PR, so sub-2:57:18

                            Road Mile: 5:19 (2017), 5k: 18:10 (2017), 10k: 37:10 (2020), HM: 1:21:55 (2020), M: 2:57:18 (2018)

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                              Kram - thanks, good to be back on here!  Fingers crossed that quad is nothing too serious - good to see there is a good crowd on here gunning for 2:40 this year, it will be great motivation.


                              Marky - I actually think you’ll be the dark horse of the faster group on here and will run a very strong marathon. 👍


                              JMac - No fall marathon? I think you’ve got marathon blues after a big PR and will eventually change your mind. 😁


                              Cal - I’ve got 3 shockwave therapy sessions booked this month to try and break down the heel spur without needing surgery. So hopefully a BQ and Boston 2021 is still on! 👍

                              5k - 17:53 (4/19)   10k - 37:53 (11/18)   Half - 1:23:18 (4/19)   Full - 2:50:43 (4/19)

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                                SC 70 is the new 50. Downhill marathons bring the suck. Oh and the cheap knockoff Vaporflys work well. If you happen to find a pair of 10.5 in Nike vaporfly on discount just buy them for me. If you want my phone number to verify my budget I'll send it to you.


                                Ace You run marathons now? I totally respect your sub 3 attempt even more now. Part of me wanted to try for it, and it MIGHT have been possible at CIM off my training cycle. I might have been more upset I missed a 2:54 to get into NYC. Maybe NYC should be my 2021 goal. What kind of a training plan are you doing for the half?


                                Mikkey You better be at the 125th Boston Marathon. I need to watch the battle between you and cal in real time. I'll have to make a twitter account to update those at home with photos even though they'll have the live tracking available. Plus I might need a pacer since that race doesn't have any.


                                Is there a good time to start hill repeats? It seems like after CIM and a half in April (flat course) I don't need to do them, OR they'll be IN training which isn't where you'd want them.


                                Has anyone ever compared a normatec boot to those ray gun massage devices? They're about the same price, but the ray gun seems like it could do more muscles so I might get an itchy wallet and splurge one day.

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