Eating packets of salt? (Read 1938 times)



    Have a read! I initially laughed at the thought of thousands of runners licking salt off their hand before a race and then possibly half way through a race. But should I be taking in salt on my longer runs? (As they do now last over 90 mins, at least until I get some speed!!)

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    Ποτέ δεν ξεχνά τον άνθρωπο που μπέρδεψε τη γυναίκα του για ένα καπέλο!

      And does slurping a margarita with salt work as well?


        I have a good friend that carries salt packets with him during races because he has fought cramping issues.


        He swears by them!

        And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx



          Some people need salt, some don't.  I'm lucky because I don't.  In fact, my last two 20 mile long runs last year were without anything - no food, no gu, no water, no liquid, no nothing except running.  One of the purposes of long runs is to find out if you need anything, and if so, how much. 

            Ha Ha.  Interesting low tech way to do things.  I've done something similar once in the summer in Florida on a very long run.  It was a humid day and I just dumped some salt in my water bottle.  It worked ok that day.


            That won't solve your calorie replenishment problem and glycogen depletion issues if you are doing a very long marathon type run, though.


              Country Music Marathon - RnR had salt packets on the course at 2 locations today. Around 8 and 18 miles (I think). I took the second one.

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              Oh roo roooo!

                It seems to me I read something on one of the RW blogs, "The Running Doc" or something like that, a year or two ago, where the guy was recommending doing a packet of salt before a run, and yes, dumping it in your hand and licking it up.  He claimed it was absorbed better/more quickly by the membranes in your mouth than by eating it and waiting for your GI system to take it in.


                Not saying he's right or wrong, stupid or not,  just saying this is not an entirely novel idea.....