Who all is here and what are you doing? (Read 16696 times)

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            Dude.  Band aids.  Or shirts off, yo.

            Runners run.


                Dude.  Band aids.  Or shirts off, yo.


                Bandaids don't work.... and nobody wants to see me with a shirt off.... not yet at least...

                Visit my Running Blog at http://www.bloodynipples.com
                  Hello everyone.  My brother gets those bloody nipples after long runs.  I myself just get a little tender after a 10 miler.  He says the waterproof bandaids work great, but you need a chisle and hammer to get them off...
                    LOL - along that line, I hear duct tape works well too.  Never tried it...

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                      Hello everyone, my name is Sylvie, aka Running Goddess Smile


                      I'm soon to be 51 yrs old, live in downtown Toronto. I started running in May 2008 after attending a learn to run clinic and never stopped since. I have done many races, 5k, 10k and am training for my 3rd half marathon. I can say that running is a passion for me. I've recently discovered cross training so spinning is a good way for me to strenghten them runners legs lol


                      To the poster with bloody nipples, make Body Glide your friend. Put a lot on before you head out for a long run in hot/humid temps or during a race. Take some with you to reapply if needed. Vaseline is also good but it's messy. I've heard some guys put duct tape. Ouch!

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                        Hi Everyone-

                         I'm Scott. I joined this board ages ago...after the coolrunning exodus, but haven't been on in almost as long. Let's see. I've got 2 marathons under my belt (nike sf  2005 & NYC 2006) I've been running regularly but haven't done more than 1/2's since then. having turned 40 this year I decided I need to get my ass back in gear so I'm registered for CIM in december. I'm looking forward to see if there are any familiar faces here.



                          Well, I am a 48 y/o male living in Kentucky.  I have been running off and on for 20 years and I absolutely love it.  It is essential for me, I believe because of the heart disease in my family.  Health is why I started and mental discipline is why I continue.  I put on around 35 pounds about three years ago because I quit for 2 years.  I have now taken most of that back off and feel great.  My goal is to one day do at least a 50-K.  After that, who knows, maybe I'll die at Badwater.  At least I'd go out happy LOL.  Nice chatting with you guys.
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                            Back when I first decided to get my tail back in shape I stumbled onto some great coached running workouts thrown together by a guy named Robert Ullrey.  They were just what I needed and I know they helped a lot of people just like me.


                            Robert has moved on to greater things I guess, but I wanted more so I started making some new ones on my own.  If anyone else is interested in free coached running workouts set to music you can find some on my site and I plan to make lot's more so I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to request a specific workout or even a series of training runs.





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                              I awaken to the world's run. The day before me lies bare outside my window, there for running. There may be dew on the ground, there may be snow, there may be rain, or the ground may be dry. But I will find the trail, the path, the track or the road because none will come to me. To begin, I pain myself in routine stretch, where hamstring momentarily interrupts the butterflies in my helpless gut. I crave the symphony: the whispered breeze a quick sprint brings, gravel or leaves crunching beneath striding feet, the dance-like tap of toes on concrete or the track where hurdles and milestones are systematically conquered - how they mysteriously fade like dynamic sounds within - lane lines, start and finish lines, the lines of roads and sidewalks and of beautiful horizon - how they blur while I methodically stride out and how they sharpen again when moist eyes blink hard near a run's culmination. I confront unforgiving hills with vigor, and I embrace the inevitable exhaustion that follows. And before I outrun either time or opponent or the world's turn, I remember that running smart supercedes running hard. I awaken to my own path: the path that allows burning feet to lay tracks. A path to one more hill. One more mile. One second faster. I awaken to the run outside, and each day I live The Run Within.


                              Got this as a gift and wanted to pass it along...


                                Greetings Everyone -


                                 I just found RA today while browsing around and liked what I saw.  You all seem to be quite the supportive group.  For the vitals:


                                My name is Richard and I'm 26 (27 at the end of Nov).  I just finished my first marathon in Columbus this year with a 3:22.  Now that I know I can complete the distance, I plan on getting that time down below 3:10, and hopefully even below 3:00 before too long.  I used the marathon as my distance to get my body back into race shape, as I hadn't raced in about 9 years.


                                If any of you are in the Midwest/Southwest Ohio area, I'd love to have some company on weekend runs this winter.  I'm in the Greater Dayton area, but just moved here from SoCal, so I still need to see new areas.



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