Account Lost? (Read 167 times)


    How can I recover a lost account? It wasn't more than a day ago that for some odd reason I can no longer log into my original account. I can't even recover my password which i know is correct, because RA says the email adress is not correct.

      I started enabling HTML5 features, including properly labeling text boxes.  If your browser supports it, which all browsers except for IE do, then it will ensure what you type is correct before allowing you to submit.  I am guessing that you did not enter a proper email address when you created your account.  If you have access to IE, use that to log in and update your password.  If you don't, send me a message with your user name and its associated bogus email address and I'll update your account.


        Whelp I am unsure if chrome has HTML5 enabled. Moreover, I am unsure how to update my account seeing as how I am unable to log on for reasons I am unsure of. When I remember my account name I'll message you. Thanks for you assistance.

          Chrome supports HTML5, which is why you're having this problem.  If you have access to Windows, then log in using IE and update your records.  IE doesn't support many of the HTML5 features yet.


            Ah, I understand. Hah, I am able to log on using IE. Thanks again, much appreciated. I have all my miles and records from the last  5 years on that account. Much thanks.