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    Anybody else than me having issues when creating a new equipment?


    I've just bought a new pair of Xero hiking boots and running shoes. When I create them as new equipment everything is fine but they don't appear in the drop-down for the activity (Walk) itself. When I go back to check the new shoe equipment it has been changed from 'Walk' to 'Bike' in the Activity field?? When I change it back to 'Walk' some of the info disappears (I can type it in again) but the field for shoe size also disappears? After doing this I can use the equipment for the activity. So it kinda works - but not the way I think it should work :-)





      I've tried for other things like Run but the problem only occurs on Walk equipment. I've also tried different browser, Edge and Firefox, but the result is the same.
      I found this old tread RunningAHEAD - Topic: Equipment labeled as Run changes to Bike when editing and it seems to be the same problem just for Walk instead of Run.


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        Tried to few times to re-create your report and can't quite get the same issue to happen in my testing.  Here's my steps for you to review and tell me where I'm going astray:



        New Equipment

        Activity = Walk

        Manufacturer = Other (because once I select Activity=Walk, no manufacturers are in pick list)

        Model = "Xero hiking"

        Name = "Shoes 1"

        Purchase date = [today]



        Check equipment list and new equipment entered is there. Good.  Now enter a walk workout to see if the equipment can be selected:


        New Walk Entry

        Activity = Walk

        Equipment = "Xero Hiking (Shoes 1)" is in pick list


        As to your note on "Bike" -- this happens when you choose to Edit an equipment since "Bike" is the first entry in the activity pick list. I do agree that it is a bug or anomaly that the system changes the Activity field just because you choose to edit the equipment.

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          Hi Milktruck,

          Thanks for your reply and you are absolutely correct. I don't see at a big issue either and it wasn't my intend to cause any alarm about it 


          So to sum it up I see 2 minor bugs dealing with equipment for Walk:

          1) When editing a Walk equipment it get changed into Bike and some data is erased and cannot be re-entered. Ex. Size where the field for this vanish when changing the Bike back to Walk

          2) When choosing manufacture 'Other' is the only one on the list of values