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    Do we have the capability of uploading a picture to a post? What does the icon on the far right of the formatting tools do?
      Hi, Dave! With an avatar like that I can see why you'd be interested in loading more pictures!!! Awesome job! The "insert image" button is really just an easy way to create a link to a picture that's already out there on the internet. If you have a family album on-line and want to link to your images, you would use that button. (Copy and paste the location of the picture, highlight it in the message, and click the button and voila! Picture in the message!) Actually uploading pictures to the runningAHEAD server might be a feature that gets added in the future, but for now you can just link to pictures that are already out there. When I've wanted to show a picture of mine in a forum I upload it to my geocities webpage. But if you want to do this a lot, there are photo-album services out there that would suit your needs better. Hope this helps! Let me know if I managed to just confuse you more... Janell

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        Makes perfect sense thanks, Janell
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