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    That ride and tie sounds like so much fun! I would love to do something like that.


    Aw, I miss riding. I had to stop riding a few years ago for financial and time reasons, but if I had the $$$'s I would go back to it in a heartbeat. Running helped me become a better rider, as it strengthened my core which is so important for dressage. I'm not sure that riding did much for my running though. Honestly, I almost prefer just hanging out with the horses to riding! I live in the middle of a big city, and going out to the barn was such a great, relaxing escape.

      Rocky II, if you are in the west, you might be able to find a ride and tie mentor, as the sport's very popular out that way...check http://www.rideandtie.org/mentor.html You can definitely get a lot of conditioning done if your daughter can ride while you run!

      Harriet, I know what you mean-there are days I go to the barn just to hang out with and groom my mare - we board next to a state forest and I see all kinds of critters while I'm there - deer, bald eagles, scrub jays, pileated woodpeckers, coyotes, bear, bobcats, snakes, and gators. It's so nice to be away from people and traffic Smile

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        P-T, I've been on the website.

        I have 5 events close enough to me to do.  I have 3 potential partners.

        I scheduled my 50k so I would have my spring and summer open to do an r-t.

        I may need to just up and do the May 11 Cache creek event.

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