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Beware, batbear...

    Most of the Wii Fit is pretty boring, but I find the balance exercise to be pretty interesting.  It measures your center of balance and I was surprised (sort of) to find that I tend to lean to the left and keep my weight back on my heels somewhat.  That may be why I tend to injure my left side.  Hmm.  I'm going to do these exercises every few days and see if it helps.

    Anybody have any experience with the Wii Fit?

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      Tried it once.

      My wii-fit 'age' is apparently 54.....

      All this running must be wearing out my knees. Or something.


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        Wait until you unlock the freaky meditation/concentration game.  You sit still and focus on a burning candle.  The more still you are, the steadier the flame. If you shake, flinch, fart, or whatever, the flame shudders. If it goes out before the candle goes down, you lose sucker.


        Meanwhile, as you focus and relax, you are subjected to the sound of a fly buzzing and footsteps sneaking up behind you.


        Really goofy exercise but surprisingly engaging.


        My dogs hated it.


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          My six year old daughter's Wii Fit age is 36.   Crazy.....

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          A broken heart, 
          Provides the spark
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            I'm in a lot better shape than most people my age (in fact most ages) and yet my wii fit age I believe was around 10 years older, although I can't remember exactly.   (used a friend's)  And yet my friend is unathletic and in a lot worse shape than me, and his was almost the same as mine.  Go figure.

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              I've got you all beat -- it told me my age was 62!  Boo!  Funny because I used to be a gymnast so my balance is pretty good -- luckily it doesn't think that I am overweight or I would really be depressed! 


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