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    I'm impressed Trent! I tried it once, but failed. I have a box sititng in my pantry as we speak. And hubby is already asleep so I wouldnt even have to explain it to anyone..... Be careful if you guys try it - you are tricked into a false sense of success by cracker #4, but its all down hill from there. All of the saliva is suddenly sucked from your body and you cannot under any circumstances remember how to generate anymore of it. It's border line panicking! hehehehehe We need videos of EVERYONE
      The other challenge is to eat a hot dog bun in less than 1 minute (nothing in or on it). Sounds easy until you try it. Tight lipped
      Don't let the fat fool you .....

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        I am too old and too wise to try any of these things!!


          Sockoni!! Big grin I am sure I can do this. I have lots of experience eating tons of crackers. And I have copious amounts of saliva! Smile


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          My running partner!

            We had the whole family - 3 kids (including 2 teenage boys who can scarf down just about anything), 2 parents and 2 grandparents sit down and try this a few months back and none of us were even close to finishing six! I would like to see video!
              I'm a rookie runner so I'm going to build my base for this . Evil grin Should I use a heart rate monitor ,too? also do sardines count as a lube ? Confused oh ya ......you guys scare me sometimes !
                Fine. It can be done. You do it for me.
                I'm condemned by a society that demands success when all I can offer is failure. -Max Bialystock
                  I would like to see video!
                  Yep. I think we need the entertainment documented proof Trent! Big grin

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                    I have copious amounts of saliva! Smile
                    Clowning around




                      oh man, I failed my first attempt...gotta give it another go... later Roll eyes

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