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Iowa Haze

    ok thanks, all.   Grain belt, huh?  I would've taken you for a Natty Bo type.


      This place survived 11/2012. You can do this.


      Some of us turned out ok, didn't we?


      I turned out just FINE!

      5K  20:23  (Vdot 48.7)   9/9/17

      10K  44:06  (Vdot 46.3)  3/11/17

      HM 1:33:48 (Vdot 48.6) 11/11/17

      FM 4:13:43 (Vdot 35.4) 3/4/18


      Bad Ass


        I turned out just FINE!


        We're still not sure about that...



        It's always hot in Miami

        Nasreddin Hoja

          I had to google Natty Bo  Looks legit


          I lost my rama

            I had to google Natty Bo  Looks legit



            You're resurrecting memories from college.  I thought those brain cells were permanently dead.

            3/17 - NYC Half

            4/28 - Big Sur Marathon

            6/22 - Monitou's Revenge 54 Mi - tentative

            6/29 - Forbidden Forest 30 Hour - tentative

            8/29 - A Race for the Ages - will be given 47 hours

            Nasreddin Hoja

              heh, glad to see you!  Hope some of the other NYCM peeps show up.



                I don't know that it did.


                It didn't.


                  It didn't.


                  It wasn't the end. But it may have been the beginning of the end.