1st 30K--check (Read 469 times)

    I did it.  It wasn't pretty.  Pacific Coast Trail Runs Sequoia Summer.  It was held in a beautiful park with hilly trails.  I brought my ipod but ran without it on since it was mostly on single track.  This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, since the serenity of the forest was entrancing early in the morning.


    The problems came later when it started to heat up.  I did not bring a water bottle and the distance between aid stations was a bit long.  This was even after reading the course information "It is recommended that runners carry at least 20 oz fluid between stations."  What a dope I am!  Of course I got very dehydrated and was really suffering towards the end and forced to walk -walk I tell you!  Smile


    It didn't help that I took a wrong turn at the beginning of the race and probably ran an extra mile.  But hey, it was the first time I've ever attempted a run much over 16 miles ever so overall I'm happy.  Does make me want to go out again and do it right, though.

    Get Lost :)

      Congrats. Long distance trail running is pretty amazing. Do you have any pictures up of the adventure?

        Thanks.  I do wish that I had some photos because the park is absolutely gorgeous.  Just imagine giant redwoods and over 3000' of elevation gain.  Some hills were so steep they were of the hikable variety. 


        I do think that dehydration got in the way of achieving any sort of runner's high...or perhaps I just needed to run oh say 50 or more miles longer like you did. Big grin  Great job to you at Vermont.