Calf Pain that turns into feet going numb (Read 14 times)


    I have started running again after taking some time off.  When I stopped I was having pain in both calves.  This still seems to be an issue.  About 1/2 to a mile in both calves start hurting.  Sometimes so bad that I have to start walking.  They however also hurt when walking.  After couple miles the pain tends to go away but my feet start going numb and makes it hard to run.  At about the 4 mile mark the issues tend to go away and it is easier to run.  However,  I am not a long distance runner and about 5 miles is my limit right now.   I believe this is a circulation issue.  What are your thoughts?  I have tried compression sleeves, garlic pills for circulation, and stretching them all the time.  Does anyone out there have any ideas or other things I can try?