Rude People (Read 867 times)

still alive

    Oh, I hear ya. At my son's soccer practices it's the blubbery, overweight, twinkie-eating, sunflower seed spitting soccer dads that crowd the track. They stand there with there huge beer guts jiggling right in the middle of the track.

    Greg in ND


    One day at a time.

      To flip this thread a bit, I just want to comment on all the really nice, helpful strangers I have encountered recently while hobbling around on crutches. I am amazed at everyone who goes out of their way to hold the door for me (sometimes when they are going in a different direction), the people who helped me carry my (really little) bag through customs in the airport without my asking, among other things. These are all folks I will probably never see again, and things that I would do for someone else, but I have come to really appreciate random kind acts!

      Barefoot and happy

        Most of my runs follow the paths along the Charles River in Boston & Cambridge. The worst conditions I ever experience are not the ice or rain or wind. It's the damn charity walks. Evil grin The people participating are frequently oblivious to what's going on around them. I've had people actually walk right into me while I was standing still waiting for a break in the traffic. I'd bet that most of them are perfectly nice people individually, but put them in large groups and matching t-shirts and they become a vast waddling herd, ready to trample the unwary.
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