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      Eeewww. Speaking of toenails, I have a question for anyone out there that could help me. I blackened my 2nd toe's nail four weeks ago, and as of today, it's loosening from the skin. Icky. However, about 1/4 of it along the right side is still connected and healthy, the other 3/4 is loosening up as I type. Here comes the tricky part: I'm running a 50 mile race this saturday. You-know-what is going to hit the fan, and I know it's not going to be pretty. Any suggestions?!?!?! Confused First, I plan to HTFU. But then what? Do I squirt some superglue in there and hope that that temporizes the solution? Do I duct tape it down and hope for the best? Do I do nothing and hope for the best?? jlynnbob, anyone, help!!

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        I wore a toenail necklace during my first 100 mile race... brought me lots of luck! (see sub-24 hr finisher belt buckle!) I know people who have had their toenails surgically removed to avoid this. Me, I have 2 "intact" 'tonails as I type this. They come off, duct tape is an option, just try it in a training run to make sure it doesn't cause more issues that it cures. If you blackened it 4 weeks ago and it comes off during the race, I don't think you will have any issues with it. Just make sure it is trimmed as much as is comfortable ASAP...as in, don't wait until night before the race... Good luck, report, please... Lynn B

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