CSV download - can not upoad (Read 289 times)


    Hi, me and my wife have been using the same log, but we now would like to have separate logs. I have registered an account for her and then download our shared logs as csv opened in Excel and deleted the work outs that was mine only. I then re--saved in csv format and tried to upload to her account via the upload tool.


    I used the custom tool option, but I keep getting an error - I then dowmloaded  the csv template - which was different to the downloaded logs, filled the fields, but it still will not upload - any idea's






    ps excellent site - real helps novice runners like me!! 

      Hi Jimmy,

      The import tool does not accept files created by the export tool.  I'll send you a private message and get this resolved from there.


      eric Smile


        Cheers Eric on it's way.