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I love my boys! <3

    Hi everyone! The name's Kelsey. I am 23 with a 15 month old son. I have been married since August 2010 and we live in northern Arizona.


    I had my first run tonight, logged it in the training log. I have been wanting to run for a while now, and it feels great to finally be starting. It was 37* outside at 1:46A. After my run, I feel pretty good. I did some zumba before hand, to get my body going and then I went for a run. I took my time. I'd jog, walk, jog, and then walk again. I didn't rush it. I was gone for about 20 minutes. I ran at this hour because I have a fifteen month old and his father was home. It was peaceful. I really enjoyed it.


    I decided to start running to get in better shape. I am over weight and already have health issues physically. I am hoping that by getting into better shape, I can start to see these problems disappear. Won't know until I start trying. Off to take a shower and get some sleep.

    Proud young mother of one, married to his father.

    Started to run 01/24/14 to help alleviate physical pain and depression.

      Welcome, Kelsey! Hope you enjoy running. This is a great community to be a part of--lots of great info here.

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        Yes, welcome!



        Just run.


          Welcome to the world of running! You're doing a great job, and taking your time by walking when you need to is great, especially to prevent running injuries. I found with running, a great community and camaraderie that I haven't found elsewhere. It's quite amazing!

             I took my time. I'd jog, walk, jog, and then walk again. I didn't rush it. I was gone for about 20 minutes.


            It was peaceful. I really enjoyed it.


            This is exactly the right way to get started running.

              SFGiantsFan, if interested there is a user group here called "RA Running for Weight Loss" (join it under the listing for user groups!).  Members log their weight each Monday.  Might help you to do that.


              Congrats on the first run!

                Welcome! Sounds like an awesome first run. If you're looking for a goal or plan, a bunch of us here have used Couch to 5K (C25K) to go from run/walk style workouts to running 30 minutes continuously. Give it a look if that sounds like your thing. Keep posting and running! Yay!

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                  Hi Kelsey,  welcome to RA!  


                  thats great that you have made the hardest step of all, the first one.  hopefully the first of millions more.  1:46 am is kind of a strange time to actually get out & get started but it doesn't matter when you start.  Years ago I was going through a funk in life & dealing with depression.  Decided to go out on a run at 2 or 3 in the morning since I wasn't sleeping anyway.  It was very short & difficult but it was great!  very peaceful.  That was a major step for me & a great first step in climbing out of depression.


                  P.s.    I was born up in the Seattle area, moved to N. Calif. at around 7 yrs old & was a major SF Giants fan since the 60's  watching/listening to many games.   The great ones:  Mays, McCovey, Marichal, Jim Ray Hart, etc...  49er fan also since the days of John Brodie,  Ken Willard, Montana,  Rice, Roger Craig etc     man I'm getting old.


                  keep getting out there, you are doing it exactly how it should be done at the beginning!  great job

                    Welcome Kelsey!


                    I run 99% of my runs late @ night between ten and midnight! I am NOT a morning runner. Running @ night where I live I am able to run uptown, plenty of lights and I usually can run down the middle of the street.(I dont listen to music, just to the surrondings!). Please pay close attention to what is going on around you late @ night!!


                    Enjoy your new life changing event!

                    Take my advice: Pull down you're pants and slide on the ice



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                      Outstanding, congratulations!


                      Is it a rural area, where you live?  If so, those super-early (or super-late, however you look at it) runs can be really peaceful.  Keep it up!

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                        Congratulations!  Keep it up!

                        - Joe

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                          How awesome! Congrats!

                          Eventually, you will wonder how you ever survived without running haha It's a great stress reliever, as well. I think.

                          Keep the momentum going!

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                            You are now a runner! Welcome to our world! Smile

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                            Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

                              Well done!  Keep up the good work!

                                You are now a runner! Welcome to our world! Smile


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