Trail running at night. (Read 168 times)

Nashville Dog Runner

    Mountain lions, bears, and flying monkeys, oh my!


      Mountain lions, bears, and flying monkeys, oh my!


      I would never run at night with flying monkeys.



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      Nashville Dog Runner

        The only frightening runs I've been on have been at night, in the park, with flying monkeys all around me.  Spooky especially when you are alone.  I don't care if you are a man or woman, it's creepy.


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          Bah! mountain lions are opportunistic or protected of cubs.


          So stay away from running in the spring, and try not to look tired (tired is mountain lion for opportunity)


          And again, I'd be okay dying to a mountain lion, it's just that cool of a story.


           I would not dare to run on my local trails after dark (mountain lions).


          More seriously, the trail is likely available and un-monitored as mentioned above. You're doing it for practice, so it's not like you need 3 hours to practice. After 20-30 minutes, you probably can test: Do I have enough light? Can I multi-task (eat, drink)? Do I feel comfortable with my vision and coordination to be somewhat sure of my foot placement.

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          What in the Jehu?


            Thanks for this insight. One consideration I was kind of testing the waters before addressing was that for wildlife. Bears are far from unheard of in these parts, but I've also always had a (admittedly irrational) fear of a frightened doe blindsiding me in full sprint . I carry this phobia with a touch of comical appreciation for the ultimate wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time scenario that prevents debilitating obsession, but this actually almost played out once while cycling laps around Cades Cove a couple summers ago. Should this ever happen, I assume I'll come to and look at the trapeze bar from which I am suspended in traction and think, "welp. Shit happened."  But I digress. Thanks again for your thoughts.


              Princeton Tec headlamp.

              When we run cross country races at night we put some reflective paint on the roots. This really cuts down on the falls and the paint stays so you can come back and train.

              Run groomed trails or dirt roads at night.