2019: 1200 mile goal reached! (Read 70 times)

    This evening, I met my 2019 goal of running 1200 miles in one year!  


    I only discovered the RA pace bunny widget earlier this year, despite seeing it mentioned several times in prior years.  Unsure how much I can attribute to the pace bunny.


    Home from Iraq 2005

      Very nice - Congratulations!!

      5k: -- 26:12 (12/17/2016)

      10k: 58:36 (6/14/2016)

      Half: 2:08:23 (7/4/2015)

      Longest: 15.03 (5/31/2014)

      Half Marathon Bucket List Goals: 11 of 50 states completed / 2 of 7 Continents completed.


        Good job

        i was way under my goal in 2019


        Making a comeback

          Awesome. Well done.

          2019 Goal: Run every day Goal: Get to 165 lbs Goal: Get in shape to be able to run 2 marathons in 2020

          2020 Goals:


          HM: 1:18:00

          Marathon: 2:45:00

          New 2020 Goal: Actually run a race, any race, just run a real legit race. **Eye Twitching**

            Thanks, I'm shooting for 1200 miles again in 2020