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    Why is the HR so small - I wanted to peek at it while I'm running ... I can't see that tiny number!  I tried to go to settings/display to pick HR to show up as big as time/pace/distance etc...it didn't seem to be an option.  Does anyone know how to make it bigger???


      Set up a training page with just one field and have that field be your HR.


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        What monitor do you have?

        As BT said, most of the Garmin monitors (or at least the 2 that I've owned over the past 5 years) have an ability to change the screen displays.


        Within the screen, there's 1, 2, 3, or 4 displays that can show up on each screen.

        If you don't put HR in either of those 4 screens, in the very top, in size 5 font (or there about), the HR shows.  While running, it's impossible to see.


        (I owned a Garmin 305, and now own a Garmin 310xt).



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          For the rectangular-shaped displays (205/305/310/etc.), the largest font you can get is with 1, 2 or 3 fields in the display.  Four fields shrinks them all down.  Set up a display to show HR in the first (only?) data field, and it'll get top billing and appear in the larger font.


          If you have a 405-esque model, I got nothing.

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            Great question and great answers - have had mine for 3 years and never thought you could change this. Just changed mine - to display just the heart rate on the third screen option.

              I have a 405.  I setup one of the screens as HR only.  The HR display takes up the whole screen and can easily be seen while running.