Is Basketball good cross training for running (or vice versa?) (Read 1424 times)

    Does anyone have any knowledge or ideas about the pros or cons of playing basketball as cross training for running?
      I'm guessing basketball would be tougher on your ankle & knees than just running. Wouldn't you say basketball is more anaerobic than aerobic too? I bet from the viewpoint of building up stamina, running is better for basketball than basketball is for running.
        I most assuredly agree with Peke98. For what it's worth, when I ran cross-country in high school, and later ran for the Marines, our coaches never let us play basketball. Too much risk of injury and long-term damage to knees and ankles. Not that they were right; just sayin'.
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          I think it might depend on how physical the games are. I play basketball with a group of teachers every Friday. We dont play a very physical game I think we had a teacher twek his anke last year and that was it. Yes I am in better running shape and able run up and down the court much longer not needing a sub to catch my breath. But I still get tired I use it to work on my quickness. So I really think you might need to ask if you are going to be playing a physical game or just for fun.

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            You all have made very good points. It's a little scary playing hoops because it is relatively easy to get hurt in a way that would sideline me from running. The funny thing is I first started to run so I could play bball without running out of gas quickly; now, I like running so much, I'm almost afraid to play bball because I don't want to get hurt. But the game I've just joined is not overly physical - everyone seems to know what they are doing and plays without hard fouls, so I think I'll be OK. I think basketball exercises my muscles in a different way - lots of quick bursts of speed and quick cuts, etc. But it also is a good endurance sport. So I'll give it a try for now. I do know that the running has made it a lot easier for me to play ball without getting tired.
              Basketball is awesome cross-training - and so is soccer; and running ought to make you better at both, if you concentrate on the shorter distances and do some speed work. Assuming you don't get hurt. So don't get hurt.
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                i love basketball..i was the same, i started running to improve my conditioning for my pickup games...given the lack of height (but plenty of heart) i thought i'd need to get faster and quicker to get around the trees. Its the same with me, now that i have been running i stopped playing hoops because i didn't want to get hurt and not able to run...i used to get ankle twists and turns and sprains just about every other week..our pickup games are pretty physical so i decided to back off and concentrate on running for awhile. Good luck with it and like JK said, don't get hurt.
                  I can imagine it would be a good change from running all the time. But, I knew a girl that was an amazing runner and a really good basketball player. She had flawless form and is was a joy to watch her glide across the track. Major universities were looking at her. Unfortunately during her senior year, she tore her ACL after going for a lay-up. She has never been able to run again or participate in basketball competitively. Accidents happen, but if your really serious about running........ I'd be careful.