Grrr......adizeros.... (Read 346 times)

    I have had a great running winter until last week.  Normally I wear Asic Gel Cumulus (in fact I usually buy 2 pairs at a time).....that was until two weeks ago.  Adidas had a sale on and I bought a pair of Adizero Manas.  I ran a couple of 10km intervals and I was very excited how much of a difference they made in the effort required to complete my speed work.  The only problem is after the second run my left heel felt rather beat up.  I persisted and ran a 28km long run (in my Asics) after which I was limping and being a glutton for punishment I ran another interval run (this time in my Asics) just to ensure I could do as much damage as possible.  After limping for a couple of days I decided to take a week off.


    One week later I ran a very easy 5km run and my heel still isn't 100%.  I have decided I probably won't be running in the Around The Bay 30km at the end of the month.


    Moral of the story.......beware jumping into Adizero without a break in period!


      Moral of the story.......beware jumping into Adizero any shoe you've never worn before without a break in period!


      fixed it.

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