What are you zero drop running people using for ‘work boots?' (Read 66 times)


    I’ve been exclusively running trails for about the past ten years.  I have transitioned slowly from the typical trail runners that Asics and Montrail had back then to Pearl Izumi N2’s and then their N1’s.  As Pearl Izumi is no longer making shoes, and my stock has dwindled, I have decided to finish the transition to zero drop runners.  I recently purchased two pairs of Altras.  While I like minimal drop or the idea of zero drop runners, it seems I still need some support in the runners and don’t think I will ever be a minimalist shoe person.


    I say that because for the first time in my life (after being on a ladder for several days) I ended up with a sore heel that took a week to calm down.  I just ran again today and it seems all good.  Anyway, that kinda freaked me out and I am thinking that I am not going on a ladder again without a workboot with a shank in it. (Because I was in the house I was wearing goofy little duck boots with no support - ya I know).


    So again my question is, have any of you guys/gals found a low or zero drop work boot with a wide toe box that has a good supportive shank?


    Thank you.


      Work boots usually have a raised heel for ladder safety.  The heel prevents your foot from slipping through the ladder.  For that reason a zero-drop work boot would be unusual.


        Another Altra runner put me on to these.  I picked up a pair today.  Super comfortable.  The style, ‘ironworker’ have a stiff shank but bend nicely at the toe.  They are wide in the toe box and so far they look and feel very promising.