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    I'm not sure which earphones come with the new shuffle but when I bought the old one it came with flat in ear ones. The best accessory I ever bought was a pair of Griffin Ear-Jams. they fit over the top and have a squishy rubber bit that fits in your ear. Try as hard as I might these now never fall out or slip, even in pouring rain & you don't have any annoying head/neck band flatting about either. They also shut out almost ALL outside noise, which is both brilliant (ignore the traffic be absorbed into your run) and bad (ability to forget about traffic = increased ability to get run over!)

    madness baby

      Just caved in and bought a shuffle. I'm walking around the house wearing it. I REALLY need to go for a run! The clip is so perfect. The earphones that come with it are the white earbuds that come with all iPod gear. Now I've got to figure out what to do with my iPod mini. Somehow it was just becoming too heavy to run with and carry. I was getting chafed on my hip where I usually wear it. And I can't handle those armbands. Anyway, I just wanted to share my new happiness! The shuffle is very likely to rock my world.
        I completely agree with the original post. This little Shuffle is worth every penny!! I love it, and I find myself enjoying how lightweight and easy to use it is. Great idea, Apple!!
          I got one for Xmas - and I LOVE it! It's my 1st MP3 player. Even though it doesn't hold many songs, it's plenty to last through my workouts. I'm scared of losing it though - when I'm not listening to it I act super paranoid and feel to make sure I still have it with me about every 30 seconds. I have to use different earphones though - those ear buds that come with start hurting my ears not long after I start running.
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