100 miles per month for the last 36 months in a row! (Read 355 times)

    Even awesomer if you drink 100 beers a month.


    Those would be mutually exclusive for me at least.

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

    Charles G

      I'm currently on a streak of 78 months since I had Lyme disease in July 2010. My longest streak was 202 from January 1982 to October 1998 when I fell in the woods and ripped my hammy.

        Thanks for the comments guys.


        I think it keeps me from just slacking off and completely getting out of shape by knowing that I need to get at least 100 miles every month.  Hard to get too much out of shape that way.


        I just can't seem to get the daily streak going, always something getting in the way so this is my streak.  I've been closer to 150 miles most months and that probably is a better indicator of actually staying in good shape, but life gets in the way sometimes and I still have a month here or there that I don't quite hit the 150 mark.


        Pretty impressive streaks Charles.  202 months is a long one!

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          Not sure why, but one benchmark that I decided to try to stick to, was to run at least 100 miles every month.


          I started the streak in March of 2012, and after hitting 100 miles for February with my run this evening that makes 36 months in a row.


          I've had a couple close calls, in December 2012 I was on the treadmill on new years eve knocking out 5.5 miles after being sick for a week over the Christmas holiday to get my 100 miles in with just a couple hours to spare.


          In February of 2014 I was very lucky to have my 100 miles in before breaking my collarbone skiing on the 22nd.


          I was running again on March 13th with my arm in a sling and was able to get in my 100 miles by the end of March fairly easily, if running 100 miles with your arm in a sling could be considered easy.


          Since then the only close call was this September when I drew a once in a lifetime Mountain Goat hunting tag.  I worked pretty hard to get my 100 miles in before leaving on the hunt on the 18th, thinking I might end up hunting through the rest of the month and it ended up being a good thing because I did end up hunting the rest of the month and into October straight through for 18 days with no running.


          No close calls since then, very thankful to have been healthy and able to keep this streak going.


          I enjoy improving on my race times and all that, but the real reason for running is for the amazing results I see in how much healthier I am now than when I started running back in 2011.


          Hopefully I will be able to keep at it for many more years to come.

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            Thanks for the comments guys.




            I find your discipline amazing. Nice job. 

              my 100 MPM  streak started July 2009 so when I hit 100 miles this next week I will be at 90  ?    I think that's calculated correctly & avg is probably in the 130-140 range. that avg has been dipping  last few months from closer to 145-150 range.

              cannot even fathom 202.   incredible!

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                Crossed the 100 mile mark for February with my run tonight to make it 60 months in a row with 100 miles or more.  5 years!


                Never would have thought I would be keeping it going this long when I started out.  It's almost become a habit now!



                I noticed I had a streak of sorts of 100 mile months going about this time last year.  It's given me a good target to shoot at each month to keep the thing alive.


                Mine is no where near as long as yours, but it started in Jan 2015 so I'm now up to 26 months.  Just past 100 for this month today.

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                Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

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