Help my Hip? (Read 57 times)

    Well, maybe it's my hip. It's more like a pain in the butt.


    This thing has had a deep ache off and on for about 3 months now. I did take 3 weeks with minimal running after my 50 mile (which was a little over a month ago).  Strangely, it felt better during and after my 50 mile.  I then took some time off of running, and it seems to be tightening up again.  If I sit for a long time like at work, the ache starts. If I run, I feel it for the first few miles and then it feels better after I loosen up.  Once I sit again and the muscles tighten up... it's back.


    My chiropractor / ART doc found a very tight muscle and said it is likely that my obturator muscle on my left side is annoyed.  I have no idea what it is annoyed about. I've been foam rolling for over a month (for the first month, it was twice a day and now once a day).  I've tried a month of myrtl's.  I am now trying Dallas's lower back routine and have done it for the last 5 days.


    It's definitely deeper than my glute. It's normally toward the lateral side and higher up.  Strangely, when I am running, I feel it more toward my spine and lower like maybe where the hamstring is connecting to the pelvis.


    On the chance that someone has experienced this before or knows of exercises/stretches to get to the obturator muscle, I figured I'd ask.

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