Photoshop restoration of photos- anyone need it done? (Read 85 times)

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    I've started to do a lot of photoshop restorations of old/damaged photos for friends and family. I can color black and whites, fix damage to the image, and make it look nice again. I don't charge for it or anything like that, I just enjoy restoring them. If anyone has any old photos they need restored, let me know, I'd be happy to fix them. I need a new project, everyone else ran out of photos for me to work on. Smile


    Here are a few I did for my mom recently. They're fun to do. (The kid on a trike is my dad when he was living in Japan.)





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      I have a couple I can send you.  One is a water-damaged photo of my grandfather as a baby, and one is a school photo of my SO's mother that has a nail hole in it.