Bruised Femur in PT (Read 43 times)

    I am hoping to run Boston in 2014, but I got injured in PT and I am trying to figure out when I can come back.  I had done a couple of weeks of physical therapy for some tendonitis in the pes anserinus below the knee.  The therapist in my last visit decided to manipulate my patella agressively into my femur for reasons that make sense to him, but not me.  This left me hobbled and unable to walk.  On the plus side, my new troubles in the knee itself have completely taken my mind off the pesky little pes bursitis I had going on before.  I got an MRI, went to the orrtho and everything looks great with the meniscus,cartilage, and ligaments, but I have a pretty obvious edema in my femur near the knee cap.  It has been a week since the injury and I am able to walk more than I was able to this weekend, but there is absolutely no way I can run right now.


    I have (hopefully) Boston 2014 plans, which is 30 weeks away.  How long does it take to recover from edema ?