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    I write my workouts down on a small grease board that SCUBA divers use to communicate underwater to each other. It is about the size of an index card and available at any dive shop. A golf pencil attaches to it. Write your workout on it with the pencil and then take it right to the side of the pool with you. Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers take the pencil right off once you get home and then you just reuse the board. 'Green' swimming!

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      I print mine out and put it in one of those plastic sleeves then prop it up with my goggles case behind and a shoe in front to keep it in place so I can read it.
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        I print it out, then dump a little bit of water on it to get it to stick to a kickboard (no plastic involved). I can just pull the kickboard down to read it. This doesn't work if you want to reuse the thing though.
          A really simple thing to do is write your workout in pencil or another ink that won't run onto a regular piece of paper. When you get to the pool grab an extra kickboard, wet the paper and stick it to the board. It won't fly away (you can re-wet it during workout). Enjoy!
            When I go to the pool--not often lately--I write my workout on a post-it note or a small piece of paper and plaster it to the side of the pool wall. It doesn't have to be sticky; just dip it in the water and it'll stick right there. I've found that breaking the swimming up into a bunch of different sets, etc. Really helps with the boredom and gives a sense of progress that turn after turn after turn after turn does not.

             ive found a lot of people printing off workouts, dipping the paper in the pool, then putting the paper on a kickboard and leaning the kickboard up close but out of the way enough that it doesnt get continually splashed on the turns.


            youre ahead of me on the planning stages though.  i usually just make something up once im in the pool.


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